Osona Orchid Atlas Project

Osona Orchid Atlas (2013 – present)icona_mapa2_petit


David Vilasís Boix, Jordi Faus Colomer, Pere Espinet Godayol, Alba Puntí Galí, Guillem Bagaria Morató


The Osona Orchid Atlas is a citizen science project that started in 2013 with the aim of collecting data to know the distribution and phenology of the wild orchids of our region. Thus, it joined similar projects still in progress or already finished in other areas: Garrotxa, Ripollès and Solsonès.


  1. Contributing to the knowledge of the natural environment of the Osona region, particularly wild orchids, and obtaining useful data for their conservation.
  1. Achieving a good survey along all the region in order to know as completely as possible the distribution area of all the orchid species present in the region.
  1. Getting a good database of the distribution and phenology of the orchids of the region, which could still be completed after the end of the project.
  1. Creating an on-line interactive map, which would be regularly updated with the new orchid citations.
  1. At the end of the project, publishing an atlas of the wild orchids of the Osona region.


After four years of survey, we achieved more than 9000 orchid citations corresponding to 60 different taxa (species and subspecies). It has been possible thanks to the collaboration of more than 30 people, who explored the whole region looking for orchids during the flowering season.

Based on this database, we created a web map to visualize the distribution of each taxon in a grid of 5×5 km (http://mapa-orquidies.gno.cat), which is regularly updated with the new recorded data.

The dissemination is an important part of this project, therefore we conducted several outreach activities, like an annual naturalist excursion to watch wild orchids (included in the series of naturalist excursions of the Osona Naturalist Group) and several talks to make the project known.

Finally, we also conducted some conservation actions, improving habitat quality after alterations in the environment and trying to prevent actions that could jeopardize the survival of orchid populations in specific locations, contacting with either land owners or managers.


Web map of the Osona Orchid Atlas

Catalan Orchidologic Group (GOC)
Orchids from la Garrotxa
Orchids from el Ripollès
Orchids from el Solsonès

Tutorials to enter data to Ornitho:

Tutorial for the web (in Catalan)
Tutorial for the app NaturaList (in Catalan)

Annual reports:

Report 2015 (in Catalan)
Report 2016 (in Catalan)


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