What do we do?

The activities of the Naturalist Group of Osona – ICHN are centered on the dissemination, study and conservation of the natural heritage of Osona region.

Every year we organise, together with the Ter river Museum, a series of naturalist excursions to dicover the natural systemes of our region, in which we pretend to unveil a biological group or an aspect of the natural heritage to any curios person interested in the natural environment. These excursions are spanned throughout the year and cover a wide range of topics, like birds, fishes, orchids, dragonflies, bats, mammals, fossils or mushrooms.

Regarding research and protection of the natural environment, we have a number of projects in course which focus on the study and/or conservation of several biological groups, species or habitats. Some of these projectes are ornithological monitoring, the inventory and restoration of agricultural ponds, the study of the wildcat or the creation of the Osona Orchid Atlas. For further information about the projects and to view their annual reports, please visit the Projects section.

All the activities from the group are open to any new collaborator. We encourage you to participate!

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